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Glenn Beck investigated the status of the Tea Party movement and found out that it is unified and is growing stronger than ever. Racism has never been tolerated in the Tea Party. The government-controlled biased liberal media and their blatantly false accusations against the Tea Party Movement has entirely failed, even as the socialist media outlets now only command the attention of only 20% of the American population and are increasingly becoming irrelevant in the public eyes. Today over 80% of the US population don’t trust federal government and say it is too big.  Watch the Video content HERE.

As more and more Latinos, Hispanics, and Blacks flood into the Tea Party Movement, socialists and progressives are becoming frantic because they are losing their public campaign of deception to get minorities to buy into their socialist agenda painting conservatives as racist in the media.   Today Americans are interested about learning history, the constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the values that gave Americans the character to take personal responsibility in handling the liberties given.  Even the next generation is growing up with a desire learn and defend the constitutional freedoms we possess.  They are not interested in this administration nor any other administration (Democrat or Republican) that has progressive agenda.

The American people have had it and refuse to be manipulated by career politicians and the bureaucrats they place over the people. The threat to bring about socialism economically upon America are just as lethal as governing as a Socialist/Marxist.  Americans understand that liberal policies created the two Great Depressions and our current economic crisis and including the social security ponzi scheme.  Once their progressive or liberal policies are in place it will not matter which one of them is in power over America. That why we will elect a congress who will rescind every policy such as Cap and Trade bill, the housing crisis, Climate Change Bill, the health care overhaul bill, financial overhaul bill, deceptive jobs bill, corruption, and every method that those in-bed within the Obama Administrations agenda could manipulate the economy after Obama and the socialist progressives are kicked out of office.

Alphonzo wrote an excellent article on the subject of Glenn Becks rally titled, “A Day to Remember,” commemorating the Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I had a Dream Speech” on August 28, 2010. Those among the socialist progressives ought to look in the mirror and admit that they themselves are the ones not living up to Martin Luther King Jr’s dream for the simple fact that they are more concerned about the color of a person’s skin than the character of a person’s heart.  Another great American patriot who also attended the “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington, D.C. was Andre Harper, and he wrote, “I’m proud to be an American each and every day, I was especially proud on that day. The feeling I had being amongst so many people that love and appreciate the blessings of liberty was at times overwhelming. The purpose of the event was simple. We wanted to express our love for our nation and dedicate ourselves to practicing the values that has made it so strong. Unfortunately, this simple lesson appears to be impossible for liberals and the media to comprehend.” (Reference: Clueless MSM Unable to Understand What Beck’s Rally Was All About)

The philosophy behind the progressive movement has always tainted every effort for civil rights regardless of the the political party they decided to join. The Liberal left and Liberal media have spent millions of dollars for years on revisionist historical propaganda desperately trying to hide the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. was a conservative Republican, just as the majority of Blacks were. They were the one’s who hijacked Martin Luther King’s dream in the first place, and as usual, they criticize others about the very attitudes they have reflected. It is a common, childish liberal psychological public defense mechanism.
They are fighting a losing battle as more and more Black, Latino, and Hispanic Americans realize that there is no reason to accept the very Socialistic/Communistic regime ideologies, which had caused millions to abandon their countries, to now be introduced in America as well.


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September 3, 2010 at 1:53 pm

Moving Beyond The National Teaparty Federation Spat with the Tea Party Express

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Even though the leader of a recent Tea Party group called “The National Tea Party Federation” may currently be at odds with Mark Williams and the “Tea Party Express,” we will stay unified.  Even if there happens to some fringe racists who claim allegience within the Tea Party, we as members and a collection of all races of people rejected it and expose it.  After we posted our last article exposing the Social progressives agenda to create racial tension to keep America divided for political gains in distraction, under pressure, Vice-president Biden finally admitted that (despite the liberal media’s labeling the entire Tea Party as racist) in reality “the Tea Party is in fact not Racist,” declared Biden.  Sometimes Democrats and Progressives have had a history of slipping in amongst Tea Party groups to create racist drama. But once it is dealt with and corrected, we keep moving forward to:

  1. Defending our US Constitutional Liberties from intrusion from an expanding radical federal government
  2. Defending Each States sovernty States Rights guaranteed by the Constituiton
  3. DefendingThe Freedom of Speech
  4. Defending The Bill of Rights and Equal Justice
  5. Defending The Declaration of Independence and its values from tyannical unelected  and corrupt elected officials
  6. DefendingThe Freedom of the Press
  7. Defending our National Security (Secure borders and a Secure Nationa defense)
  8. Defending Fiscal responsibility in congress (Low Taxes, The Flat Tax/ Fair Tax, a balanced buget, and paying down our federal Debt)
  9. Standing against judicial activism and Transnationalism (the judging and prosecution of Americans by Foreign Laws)
  10. Defending & Protecing Human Life (the Unborn,  Post Born, handicapped, defenseless, the elderly, and the weak.)
  11. Defending The Sancity of Marriage between a Man and a woman for a stable social fabric
  12. Defending Religious Freedom for all Americans
  13. Defending our Free Markets and capitalism
  14. Defending the virtues of US citizenship in America and freely expressing our patriotism boldly out loud.
  15. Defending our unity and solidary around the principles that inspired hard work, creativity, enginuity, faithfulness, and resourcefulness in America.

We are all Americans Unified – period!

Stay Informed: Tyranny Conquers Free People Only When They Grow Complacent and Unaware.

But we will not fall for the Progressives wedge issue attacks by creating division within our movement. I personally must do some more research on the background on “The National Tea Party Federation.” I want to be certain that the Tea Party Movement and the hardwork that people have put into it is not being hijacked by those who may be connected with progressive agendas or by those whose public opinions and positions are being influenced by this Socialist Administration.

P.S. We all must be vigilant by not allowing the silly videos that are currently being promoted on YouTube and other places online that are glamorizing race conflicts and racial tensions in America to set us on edge and cause us to lose focus. All these are subtle attacks in trying to divert our attention away from our mission and confuse the public. We all must and shall remain alert, focused, committed and unified.

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July 19, 2010 at 9:16 pm


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I am a Black American and a Tea Party Member.  The Tea Party is full of well-informed brave Americans of ALL races who love their country and the US Constitution.  Blacks and Hispanics have always been joining the Tea Party and are removing the Liberal and socialist establishment, as well as, their influence out from American Society.  The NAACP and Socialist Liberals in the media continue to make false accusations of racism against the Tea Party.

The NAACP fails to admit that Blacks and Hispanics are also members of the Tea Party. The NAACP has now become radicalized and worthless to us African Americans, yet they “claim” to represent our interests. They have failed to help African-Americans prepare the next generation for the future in the United States. Those in the Leadership of the NAACP organization appear to be stuck in the racist past, instead joining a nation of all races and nationalities in the present, celebrating our constitutional freedoms and help solve our nation’s economic crises (which does not involve an ever growing socialist federal government). Yet the NAACP wants minorities to stay on the voter plantation of government dependence and demand that we just accept the role of helpless victims, doomed to fight our self-imposed mediocrity complexes on into the next generation. As US Constitution-loving American citizens, we refuse to be fed the liberal racist talking-points from a government-controlled media, which are designed to keep us distracted from the reality of this administrations poor fiscal policy, and our presidents faltering executive leadership regarding the important issues of our national security and the radicalization of America’s Health Care.

We refuse to participate in the racism of the NAACP organization, because they are allowing Obama to use them as a lightening rod of division in America. Obama appears to invest more time dividing Americans and inventing racist drama inside America than solving its problems, because he is proving to be an incompetent leader with no executive experience and no US Birth Certificate. I join others in America who are calling for his resignation. We are sorely disappointed in the socialist direction he and his administration is taking our nation, as well as, his continuous obstructions to justice, attacks on our freedom of speech and the freedom of the Press, corruption and bribery, his avoidance of constitutional checks and balances, and his personal connections with radical groups that were every bit apart of attacking this country in the past and the present. Therefore, we feel it best that he step down for the good of our country.

The Dallas Tea Party – Part 1

The Dallas Tea Party – Part 2

Racist Democrats seem to be the real experts of racism since they find it necessary to dig out their old Klu Klux Klan and Nazi uniforms in order to “Crash the Tea Party meetings” and make racist comments to attract media attention to make it APPEAR that Tea Party member are racist. It goes to show you that when Liberals can’t find Racism, they have no problem abandoning their fake convictions about racism and would dress up like the KKK.   Liberal’s were so frustated that Tea Party does not endorse racism that they had to make the whole thing up like the racist liberal democrat teacher from the State of Oregon who was temporarily fired. He created the site “crash the Tea party dot -com” and told all his liberal friend to get their old KLU KLUX KLAN outfits out and Nazi uniforms and visit the tea party to draw attention to themselves. Democrats have always been the real racists and blacks and hispanics know it.

The Racist Democrat founder of “Crash the Tea Party movement gets fired temporarily.


The Obama Administration Protected Black Panther Who Advocates Killing White Babies

Is this Change you voted for America? Why didn’t you do your homework before you voted for him? With Obama’s past and present connections to terrorism against America and Americans what else would you expect from person in the US Whitehouse without an American Birth Certificate. The Liberal media is entirely worthless. No wonder the media are asking Obama for a government bailout as a pay back for their socialist reporting bias and media incompetence, since most Americans don’t watch them anymore.

WHY THE DEMOCRAT PARTY IS OVER  (Watch in Horror America)
America’s Overthrow Exposed – 1

America’s Overthrow Exposed – 2

America’s Overthrow Exposed – 3

America’s Overthrow Exposed – 4


America’s Lost Black History-Part 1

America’s Lost Black History-Part 2

America’s Lost Black History-Part 3

America’s Lost Black History-Part 4


Democrats Racist History – 1

Democrats Racist History – 2


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Stay Informed: Tyranny Conquers Free People Only When They Grow Complacent and Unaware.

THE HISPANIC and BLACK AMERICAN TEA PARTY: Liberation from Liberal Lies and Socialism in Disguise

Black and Hispanic Americans are becoming enlightened for what’s at stake as they are sure to join the Tea Party Movement all across America. According to USA Today by the end of 2010, all those who were considered minorities in America will now be the majority in the population America. But those of us of Hispanic or Latin American descent must ask ourselves this question: What was it that inspired our for-fathers to leave their home country for America (and) What was it that gave them the endurance to work for less money for a time because they were optimistic about the future and new that they could send financial support back home?

Answer: In America, we have the US constitution, the bill of rights, and the Declaration of Independence which guarantee’s its citizens rights, freedoms and the opportunity for the pursuit of happiness. America has an economic system called capitalism which allows its citizens to prosper individually.

The Argument: Liberals and socialists in America have made it their objective to keep Latinos powerless and unaware of the freedom and benefits there is when becoming an American citizen. Liberals have keep Latinos in the dark about these founding documents, because they ultimately desire to limit our freedoms along with the rest of this nation. Once the freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of inquiry, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms, etc, are legislated away by a socialist leaning congress and presidency, numbers of Hispanics will not be aware of the freedoms nor be able to enjoy them until we’ve lose them entirely.

Why would our for-fathers abandon the 120 year economic and social failure of socialism and then travel north of the boarder into America legally in order to experience the rights, freedoms and economic opportunities of a US citizen, only to elect politicians who want socialism here too?

Answer: They would not elect them if they were are aware of the progressive agenda. Ultimately, we don’t want America to look like the country that we left otherwise many of us and our families would never have come to America.

Liberals would rather work hard to keep Latinos from appreciating their freedom-loving heritage and cause them to forget the benefits of being a legal citizen in America. Liberal Democrats are to busy calling the Tea Party Movement racist while ignoring the fact that before they were called Democrats they were known as the Dixicrats and the party of slavery and inventors of Jim Crow laws in the South to oppress Black Americans.

As Hispanics we remember and appreciate why our relatives have left oppressive places like communist Cuba and the oppressive socialist regime of Chavez in Venezuela as well as corrupt governments that are currently being controlled by drug cartels instead of a constitution that guarantees the rights of its citizens as in America.

Liberals, also known as Socialists, typically support high taxes and high unemployment levels to keep their voters dependent on the federal government instead of empowering them to become more responsible, resourceful and have families that are self-reliant.

As members of the growing Hispanic and Black American Tea Party

1. We refuse to be taken advantage of by stealthy liberal politicians who would rather sacrifice our nations security and economic future by making campaign promises that weaken our borders and destroy the entrepreneurial spirit of this nation.

2. We refuse to be taken advantage of by politicians who promote a poverty and slave mentality in their minds as if we are forever victims instead of achievers, because those liberal politicians want to trap Latinos and Blacks blacks by making us feel powerless unless we have been given a federal government handout to bribe for our vote in order to keep them in power.

3. We will no longer buy into the Liberals disingenuous rants of racism because their leadership are the historical experts of it and use class warfare to sucker the public into socialism and squander the economic resources of our future generations.

4. We refuse allow our relatives to come to America illegally only to be treated as modern day slaves in a socialist economic plantation system only to harvest their votes during the election season.  We will encourage all people, from any nation, to come to this great country legally and enjoy all the benefits of an American citizen.

5. We refuse to be moved by the liberal government-controlled media of CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and others who invent mis-characterizations of the Tea Party Movement as racist because their organizations owned and influenced by a number of socialist elites who use the differences of race as an instrument to divide and polarize Americans to distract them the real issues that concern the American people as a whole.

6. We will longer be moved by presidents who continually campaign while in office and break their promises as if their word meant absolutely nothing except an instrument to deceive.

7. We love and respect this country so much that we value the states rights and each states constitutional sovereignty.

8. We oppose all the efforts of Liberals to bankrupt the economies of states such as California to make them even more dependent on the federal government, because the states were being run and operated by socialist “progressives” who sought to give benefits and services to non-citizens and therefore did not pay state taxes to help fund the state.

9. We will educate each person within our constituents about the value of the US constitution, the Bill of rights, and the Declaration of Independence in order to protect it from Judicial tyranny, and all government leaders and policy makers who affiliate themselves with socialism.

10. We will unite with other tea party groups around America to show our solidarity as one nation of American citizens of ALL Races against the spread of socialism within the United States of America and promote America as the Democratic Republic that it has always been.

The Liberal Democrat and US Senator Harry Reid’s Racism

Black and Hispanic Americans Unite within the Tea Party Movement – Part 1

Black and Hispanic Americans Unite within the Tea Party Movement – Part 2

The Small Politics of Barack Obama

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